Tons Of Trash Cleaned From Connecticut River In 4 States

Oct 4, 2018

Thousands of volunteers helped collect an estimated 50 tons of trash from the Connecticut River and its tributaries in four states last week.

Organizers of the Connecticut River Conservancy's 22nd Source to Sea Cleanup say the trash collected last Friday and Saturday in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut included nearly 1,000 tires, junked cars and even a 1,500-gallon fuel tank.

About 3,000 volunteers from faith communities, environmental groups, schools, community organizations, and businesses and employee service groups took part in the effort along the 410-mile river.

Andrew Fisk, the conservancy's executive director, said the focus now is on preventing trash in the first place. He says "we need to redesign our economy so there isn't waste in the first place" through partnerships between individuals, manufacturers, businesses and government.