Vault Sessions - Hayley Reardon

Nov 17, 2017

Singer-songwriter, Hayley Reardon stopped by New England Public Radio to share a few songs on the Vault Sessions. At 21 years-old, Reardon has a surprising richness and depth in her voice that pairs seamlessly with the stories of her songs.

Reardon was born and raised outside of Boston, and there at a young age she was inspired to pick up her mother’s guitar. Like many folk artists preceding her, Reardon has included activism and social justice as part of her music. In 2012, she was recognized by Boston Globe Magazine for her advocacy of teen bullying prevention through song. In 2016, she released “Good”, an album fully funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

She will be performing with Matthew Szlachetka in Haydenville on November 30 at Bonfire, Butcher & Bard, as part of Hinterland.Live