Vermont Law Professor Was Offered Money To Discredit Mueller

Nov 1, 2018

A lawyer and critic of President Trump, who lives in Northampton, Massachusetts, has found herself connected to a national political scandal.

Vermont Law School professor Jennifer Taub strongly supports the Trump-Russia investigation through her popular social media accounts, and she's frequently interviewed about Trump's finances.

So she was surprised to get an email offering to pay her for damaging information about Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It came from an address linked to right-wing activists.

Taub said she forwarded the email immediately to Mueller's office.

"There's no way I would ever accept a bribe from somebody," she said, "or, in this case, even participate in what could be a conspiracy to violate U.S. law."

A spokesperson for Mueller said the FBI is investigating an apparent campaign to fabricate sexual misconduct allegations against him, and Taub has been mentioned in several news stories about it.

For her part, Taub said she's just trying to get back to focusing on the midterm elections.