Western Massachusetts Bishop Pushes For 'Ethical' Investment In Gun Companies

Jul 17, 2018

The Episcopal Church in the United States will start investing in gun companies. That's after a bishop in western Massachusetts pushed for the move.

At a national convention of the Episcopal Church, Bishop Douglas Fisher, who heads the western Massachusetts diocese, sponsored a resolution calling for ethical investing in gun companies. The bishops passed it unanimously.

Fisher said it's a real change in strategy because, until now, the church has had a ban on investing in gun companies.

"We really feel this is the only way at this point that we have away of engaging in this very important issue," he said.

Fisher said he hopes that by investing some of its $400 million portfolio in gun makers, the church can be an active shareholder and push for changes that could save lives.

He said the new approach comes after requests by young anti-gun activists to meet with leaders of Springfield's Smith & Wesson were met with silence.

Smith & Wesson could not be reached for comment.