Western Massachusetts Dems React To Warren's 2020 Hopes

Jan 2, 2019

Will she or won't she? U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has inched closer to answering that question.

Warren announced Monday that she is starting a committee to explore a presidential run in 2020. By establishing the committee, she can raise funds and hire staff before deciding whether to seek the Democratic nomination.

Greenfield resident John Bednarski, who contributed to Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president, and who supported Warren when she ran for the Senate, said he likes Warren's progressive approach.

“We should be talking about issues, not about flashy statements,” Bednarski said. “And the person [who] can do that the best would be the kind of person that I would support.”

Easthampton Mayor Nicole LaChapelle, who is a member of the Massachusetts Democratic Committee, said Warren's positions on financial accountability for banks and reducing student debt come from the senator's conversations with voters.

“Her announcement [Monday], so early, sets the perfect tenor for a presidential campaign season that is issue-driven,” LaChapelle said. “And those issues will be very well connected to those who are living and walking on Main Street.”

In a letter to supporters, Warren made no definitive statements about the future, except that she would announce a plan early in 2019.