Words In Transit

Podcast - Completed Series

Western New England is home to immigrants and refugees from around the globe, and their presence revitalizes the region and redefines its culture. Their journeys have involved fear, uprootedness, and isolation as well as perseverance, creativity, and hope. New England Public Radio (NEPR), in collaboration with Copeland Colloquium at Amherst College produced Words in Transit, an oral history project collected the personal stories of nearly thirty people who have made this area their new home.

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Words in Transit Podcast Helping Others
Beth Reynolds / NEPR

The final episode of this series of "Words in Transit" features stories of immigrants from Bhutan and Slovenia and their work today to help other new arrivals to this country.

Words in Transit Cultural Appreciation
Beth Reynolds / NEPR

A woman from Ghana and a man from the Ivory Coast are grateful for the opportunities they’ve found here, but also feel that we can learn much from their native cultures.

Words in Transit Podcast
Beth Reynolds / NEPR

Educational and professional opportunities brought many to the U.S. On episode 13, we hear stories from a man from Spain and one from Argentina.

An Indian and a Taiwanese woman reflect on life in both their native countries and in their adopted country.

Words in Transit
Beth Reynolds / NEPR

Third Culture Kid features stories of acclimation and loss from a Palestinian woman and an Irish woman.