A journalist was arrested by Bridgeport police officers Thursday night while covering protests against police violence.

Frances Crowe in her home in Northampton, Massachusetts.
Kari Njiiri / NEPR

Frances Crowe, the longtime peace activist and anti-nuclear campaigner, recently celebrated a milestone. She turned 100 years of age in mid-March.

A group rallies in Northampton, Massachusetts, on February 18, 2019.
Sean Teehan / NEPR

About 150 people showed up in the snow in Northampton, Massachusetts, on Monday to oppose President Trump's emergency declaration.

As Bernie Sanders seeks to broaden his national appeal among the black and Latino voters who would be critical to his success in a 2020 presidential campaign, the white senator from Vermont is struggling to improve a complicated relationship with racial justice leaders in his own backyard.

Between walkouts over gun violence and rallies protesting presidential nominees, young people have been particularly politically active in recent years. For college students, the push now is to turn that newfound civic engagement into turnout at the polls.