There’s a reason people queue up for hours to spend a few minutes inside one of Yayoi Kusama’s infinity mirror rooms. Each of these colorful installations is a galaxy unto itself, a dazzling mirrored landscape that seems to stretch on forever. And the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston has acquired the largest one.

The Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
Adam Frenier / NEPR

The partial federal government shutdown means an exhibit isn't coming to the Berkshire Museum — at least not right now.

Tenth-grader Sarah Fisher's take on Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night," at a recent night of "bad art" in Belchertown, Massachusetts.
Jill Kaufman / NEPR

For many middle and high school students, the bar is set high for getting good grades, making the team, and landing the lead role in a play. Recognizing that, a library in western Massachusetts recently set the bar really low, offering a carefree event of making bad art.

Created by Kstudio - / Creative Commons

Updated on Jan. 8, 2018 

Massachusetts residents getting state assistance can now show their benefits card to buy discounted museum or concert tickets — and in some cases, get in for free.

Alexander George, by day a philosophy professor, by night a mentalist or mind reader. He hosts sessions at a cafe in Northampton, Mass.
Tom Wood

Alexander George has been demonstrating seemingly inexplicable feats at a hip Northampton, Massachusetts, café for a few months.