Phat A$tronaut of New Haven, Connecticut.
Steven Romero / Courtesy of Phat A$tronaut

While members of the band Phat A$tronaut like to say they hail from the “funkier parts of Connecticut,” they clearly mean musically.

Pamela Means.
Julian Parker-Burns / Courtesy Pamela Means

Protest rock was once fueled by the Vietnam War and civil rights. But every era has musicians who use their art to make a point — and these days, there are plenty of points to make.

The band Landowner, from Holyoke, Massachusetts, plays a basement in Northampton.
Ellery Berenger / NEPR

What do the musical acts The Pixies, Staind, and Taj Mahal have in common? They all had their start in western Massachusetts. 

A parking garage wall near Chestnut Towers in Springfield, Massachusetts, is one of the sites for a mural project.
Heather Brandon / NEPR

A whole lot of murals are coming to the largest city in western Massachusetts.

Jae Matthews, at right, is singer and lyricist for Boy Harsher. At left is bandmate Gus Muller. The duo began singing and songwriting together in early 2013.
Ben James / NEPR

“Escape” is a word you hear a lot from Jae Matthews, singer and lyricist for the genre-defying duo Boy Harsher.