Amazon’s decision to snub Boston has reopened some old wounds. Massachusetts has a long history of missed opportunities to attract large technology companies.

Robert Noyce got his Ph.D. at MIT but picked California to launch Intel in the 1960s.

Bill Gates was a Harvard student in the 1970s when he hatched the idea that became Microsoft. Then he dropped out and started the company in Albuquerque.

Daily Hampshire Gazette editor Dave Eisenstadter wears a pin advocating for a labor union.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPR

Employees at the Daily Hampshire Gazette got a letter Tuesday from the president of the company that owns the paper, saying he opposes the union they're trying to form.

Amazon Is Expanding In Boston, Even Without HQ2

Nov 13, 2018

Boston may have lost out on Amazon’s second headquarters, but the company already has a large — and growing — local presence.

Amazon has opened three Greater Boston offices in recent years and plans to open another. It’s also acquired a couple of notable startups in the area.

In short, Boston remains part of Amazon’s expansion plans, even without HQ2.

Amazon Doesn't Deliver Its HQ2 To Boston

Nov 13, 2018

Boston and Somerville were contenders, even finalists, in the Amazon selection process to locate its second headquarters. But in the end — to the relief of some here and the sadness of others — the giant online retailer decided to split the site in two and set up new its headquarters in Northern Virginia and Queens, New York.

Solitary standing cornstalks in a field in Deerfield, Massachusetts. Martha Ackmann noticed many fields had a handful of stalks that hadn't been cut down, and wondered why.
Martha Ackmann / Courtesy Martha Ackmann


You’ve seen them, no doubt.  Those solitary corn stalks standing alone in a field.