Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren told more than 400 people who gathered at Manchester Community College on Saturday that her life experience informs policy goals like lifting the minimum wage, making education more affordable, and increasing inheritance taxes to pay for affordable housing.

Warren argued that the country needs leadership committed to ensuring that what she called "the rules," aren’t tilted to benefit the wealthy and well-connected.

“Rules matter, rules made in Washington matter, and that’s why I’m in this fight, that’s it.”

As NPR reports:

President Trump made his case to the American people Tuesday night for why a massive wall along the Mexican border is necessary, using his first Oval Office address to outline his conditions for ending the 18-day-and-counting partial government shutdown.

Elizabeth Warren speaks at a town hall meeting in Holyoke on September 29, 2018.
Frederick J. Gore / The Republican/ / photos

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was in Iowa last weekend. That's after announcing she's formed an exploratory committee to run for president. 

Senator Richard Blumenthal has condemned Metro-North and many other railroads for failing to implement Positive Train Control safety technology. Only four of more than 40 railroads have installed the technology which can control train speeds and prevent collisions and derailments in the event of human error. 

“So, it starts here.”

With those words, Elizabeth Warren began a likely run for president this past weekend in Iowa. After announcing that she’s established a presidential exploratory committee, the Massachusetts senator barnstormed across the state, kicking off the presidential primary season a full 13 months before Iowa’s first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses.

Warren has a fiery, populist message about government corruption and how Washington has turned its back on working Americans, and she wants people to know that for her, it’s personal.