Stewart Weldon of Springfield, Massachusetts, being led into the courtroom at Hampden Superior Court. He's accused of killing three women and assaulting many more.
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A Springfield, Massachusetts, man has pleaded not guilty to killing three women whose bodies were discovered at his home. 

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions answered needling by President Trump on Thursday with a vow that as long as he runs the Justice Department, it won't be swayed by politics.

Sessions' statement was a rare broadside in response to TV and Twitter criticism by Trump of the department, which he and supporters accuse of perpetuating a "witch hunt" in the Russia investigation and going soft on Democrats.

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A federal jury on Tuesday found Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, guilty on eight of the 18 charges he faced in his tax and bank fraud trial.

The verdict delivered a painful fall from grace for a top political operative who has advised presidents from Gerald Ford to Donald Trump and a shot in the arm to an investigation derided by President Trump as a "witch hunt."

The Hampshire County Jail and House of Correction in Northampton, Massachusetts
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Massachusetts lawmakers have passed legislation that would provide treatment with medication to inmates addicted to opioids.

Stewart Weldon in a mug shot.
Springfield Police Department

Last spring, investigators found three bodies inside the home of a Springfield, Massachusetts, man who had just been charged with apparently unrelated crimes.