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Massachusetts state Sen. Don Humason is a Westfield Republican.
Chris Marion / The Republican / masslive.com/photos

Massachusetts state Sen. Don Humason is angling for a new job. The Westfield Republican announced early Thursday that he’s running for mayor.

The embattled mayor of Fall River has survived an attempt to remove him from office, though he now faces a divided city and an indictment by federal prosecutors.

The majority of voters in Tuesday’s election voted to recall Mayor Jasiel Correia, who’s accused of defrauding investors. Then on the same ballot, Correia received the largest number of votes among five candidates running for the seat.


Three Democrats and two Republicans have won seats in the Connecticut legislature following a series of special elections. 

Democrats in the Connecticut General Assembly look like they’ll make early voting a signature issue this session. They’re introducing legislation seeking a referendum on an amendment to the state’s constitution. 

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Theresa May is keeping her job after all.

The British prime minister survived a no-confidence vote called by members of her own Conservative Party, scoring a critical victory Wednesday in the bruising political battles over Brexit. May will retain leadership of the Tories, and under party rules, she will not face another challenge for at least a year.