Five miles from the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, in a wooded, suburban neighborhood, in a nondescript office building, is a very unusual room. It looks a lot like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise from the original “Star Trek” TV series.

The room is a simulator — an identical twin mock-up of the control room at the Pilgrim nuclear power plant.

This Christmas Fern is toxic to deer, according to author Lynn Levine.
Carrie Healy / NEPR

At a certain point during mud season in New England, you can go to any number of restaurants and find fiddleheads on the menu.

This week, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station will power down for the last time.

Over the next few years, workers will move the radioactive fuel into storage, dismantle the plant, and clean up the site. The process is called decommissioning, and a lot of people are worried about safety, cost and where the nuclear waste will finally end up.

Two years ago, Atlanta was widely lauded when it committed to have all homes, businesses and city operations rely largely on renewable energy in coming decades. It was part of a wave of cities responding to more intense flooding, heat and storms, and setting ambitious goals to tackle climate change even as the Trump administration ignores the issue.

A seal below the Holyoke Dam, which spans the Connecticut River between Holyoke and South Hadley, Massachusetts.
Mike Lamontagne / via MassWildlife

Fishermen this week spotted a harbor seal on the Connecticut River, just south of the Holyoke Dam. Marine life experts say it's just following the fish.