The Connecticut River.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPR

As the standoff in Washington, D.C., continues, environmental researchers in western Massachusetts are worried a second government shutdown could throw a wrench in their spring field studies.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., announced Tuesday that he wants the Senate to vote on a massive plan to fight climate change.

Plastic grocery bags.
MTSOfan / Creative Commons / flickr.com/photos/mtsofan

A western Massachusetts lawmaker has signed on to a bill to ban single-use plastic bags at stores statewide.

Gov. Charlie Baker encouraged Congress to follow Massachusetts’ lead in reducing greenhouse gases and building climate resiliency when he testified before a U.S. House committee Wednesday.

The Republican said there is no room for partisanship when it comes to climate change, and he called on the federal government to take meaningful action, such as establishing emissions reduction targets.

Inside a lab in northwest Connecticut is a bobcat. Its bright eyes and black-tufted ears are separated from me only by the metal grill of a large carrier. She’s sleepy, but waking up.