David McGhee grew up with two mysteries. One was his grandmother's suitcase — it was full of stuff she shared with no one. The other mystery was about the boy's grandfather, a soldier who died before David was born.

On a chilly Wednesday night, when overnight temperatures will dip into the 30s, about 40 homeless people gather at a bus garage in Lawrence.

They gather for dinner, to socialize, to get case management or a haircut. Some sleep there. There’s no protection from the cold but there is a bit of protection from the wind.

Dinner is served around 9 p.m. Before then, people lay out blankets where they plan to sleep until the buses come in the morning.

Ralph Francois comes every week.

As attorneys continue to plead for a stay of deportation for an Ecuadorian man currently in sanctuary in Connecticut, his family spoke out Wednesday on his behalf. They stood outside of the federal building in Hartford which houses a local office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

Miguel Torres said his wife’s deportation didn’t come as a complete surprise. Glenda Cardenas Caballero was undocumented and had a order of deportation from 2005. He said the family had tried for years to find a way for her to stay. 

Oliva Llano visits the food pantry.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPR

Early on a Wednesday morning in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, a line of people perused boxes of fresh apples and green beans, frozen meat, and bags of bagels and biscuits at the South Congregational Church Community Food Pantry.