Coverage of Hampden County, Massachusetts.

There were 18 murders reported in 2018 in Springfield, Massachusetts, according to police data.
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Springfield, Massachusetts, saw a slight increase in murders this year compared to last year.

Outgoing Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy acknowledged capacity problems on a newly-established rail line.
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Outgoing Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has acknowledged that there have been some capacity problems on a newly-established rail line.

Connecticut passengers without certain train tickets continue to experience second-class treatment on Amtrak trains servicing the Hartford Line.

The Airbnb posting for a bedroom rented out by Northampton, Mass., resident Rachael Naismith.
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Airbnb hosts in Massachusetts could be subject to taxes and other state requirements next year. That's if Gov. Charlie Baker signs a bill that would regulate short-term rentals. 

Springfield, Massachusetts, Police Commissioner John Barbieri, at right, with Mayor Domenic Sarno.
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A potential legal battle is brewing between the city council in Springfield, Massachusetts, and Mayor Domenic Sarno over the resurrection of the city's police commission.