Coverage of Hampden County, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal speaks to reporters in the lobby of the federal courthouse in Springfield on November 7, 2018.
Adam Frenier / NEPR

A pair of members of Congress from Massachusetts are set up well for the next couple years.

Warning signs like this are posted in towns and cities along the Connecticut River where combined sewer overflows may discharge.
Jill Kaufman / NEPR

A ruptured sewage pipe in Holyoke, Massachusetts, spilled unknown amounts of raw sewage into the Connecticut River this week. The break happened underground Monday, on a steep embankment north of the Holyoke Dam.

Rafaelle Gonzalez in Springfield, Massachusetts, after voting in ward 1.
Karen Brown / NEPR

Many reports came in of high voter turnout in Tuesday’s midterm elections, although the weather in New England has made voting a bit less convenient.

The Western Mass Zombies' new logo.
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The American Basketball Association team in Springfield, Massachusetts, has a new owner and a new name.

Marie Angelides (left), and Cheryl Coakley-Rivera are candidates for Hampden County Register of Deeds
The Republican / Masslive.com/photos


In the only competitive county-wide seat in Massachusetts' Hampden County, Republican Marie Angelides and Democrat Cheryl Coakley-Rivera are both vying for the position of Register of Deeds.