Coverage of Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

Former Hadley, Mass. Selectman Donald Pipczynski.
Jerrey Roberts / Daily Hampshire Gazette/gazettenet.com

A former Hadley, Massachusetts, selectman has agreed to a $5,000 fine from the state ethics board after multiple conflict-of-interest violations.

Worshippers gather at the Berlin, Connecticut, mosque for prayers on Friday, March 15.
Ryan Lindsay / Connecticut Public Radio

In our look back at the week's news, several interfaith services were held in New England after the mosque shootings in New Zealand. In Connecticut, a group of mosques has been talking about safety, including asking local police for increased patrols.

The Smith College campus in Northampton, Massachusetts.
Patrick Giblin / Creative Commons / flickr.com/photos/inkyhack


A recent survey conducted by Smith College found that only a meager 3 percent of students identify as “conservative.” From over 1,000 respondents, only two identified as “very conservative.”

The town hall in Hadley, Massachusetts.
John Phelan / Creative Commons

The Hadley, Massachusetts, planning board wants to put to rest a controversy over comments made by one of its members. But some critics are still not satisfied.

 Astronaut Harrison H. Schmitt collects rock samples at Station 1 during the first Apollo 17 extravehicular activity at the Taurus-Littrow landing site, December 1, 1972, using a lunar rake tool.
Credits: Eugene A. Cernan, Apollo 17 Commander / NASA

Researchers from Mount Holyoke College and UMass Amherst are among the teams chosen by NASA to study moon rocks gathered during Apollo missions 50 years ago. These rock samples haven't been unsealed before now.