People cheer after Springfield's City Council overrode a mayoral veto to pass the "Welcoming Community Trust" ordinance.
Sean Teehan / NEPR

After a legislative back-and-forth between the City Council and mayor in Springfield, Massachusetts, the city now has a so-called “sanctuary” ordinance on the books.

As the federal government shutdown enters its 14th day, the backlog of cases in immigration court continues to increase — drawing mixed reactions from immigration experts.

Since the shutdown, dockets in immigration court have been frozen for those who aren’t in custody. Some experts worry this means immigrants are being denied due process; others see it as a welcome respite, giving some immigrants more time to get their affairs in order.

Lawyers say the freeze comes as immigration proceedings have reached a frenzied pace under the Trump administration.

Congressman Richard Neal.
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Congress begins work Thursday while 800,000 federal employees are out of work or working without pay.

A recent case shows that when undocumented immigrants encounter local law enforcement, they may still run the risk of being turned over to federal immigration authorities. This happened despite a fair and impartial policing policy that discourages authorities from doing so.

For those living in the United States with a single-entry visa, it’s difficult, or even impossible, to leave the country to visit family and then re-enter. In recent years, the Trump administration’s travel ban has made it harder, barring individuals from certain countries from entering the U.S. For some families, it can be years between visits.