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The University of New Hampshire is renewing a long-term contract with a China-based group that’s raised concerns among U.S. intelligence agencies. Confucius Institutes, which partner with colleges and universities around the globe, have been accused of serving as propaganda outlets of the Chinese government. 

The  Catholic Diocese in Springfield, Mass. is one of seven New England dioceses, that have started a confidential, third-party system to report misconduct by bishops.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPR

The Springfield Catholic Diocese and six others in New England are offering a confidential reporting system, operated by a third party, for filing sexual abuse and other misconduct allegations against bishops.

The scene outside the SNHU Arena in Manchester looked pretty much like every other Trump rally you’ve seen on TV: thousands of people in bright red hats, street vendors selling Trump gear.

But the difference was the line of people who wound around Elm Street - many wearing Red Sox shirts matched with their Make America Great Again hats.

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy of West Springfield, Massachusetts, appears in Springfield District Court with his attorney Donald Frank on June 22, 2019.
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A federal inspection report says the driver involved in a crash that killed seven motorcyclists in New Hampshire was on drugs and reached for a beverage just before colliding with a group of bikers. 

Emma Cummings and Fred Freeman on the Gulfside Trail at Mount Jefferson in New Hampshire in July 1902.
Courtesy Allison Bell

In 1902, two middle-aged women organized a hiking trip through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, which were at the time under threat from logging and fires.