The now-closed St. Mary's Church in Northampton, Massachusetts. Richard Koske says he was sexually assaulted by a priest in the rectory, at center.
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The Springfield, Massachusetts, Catholic Diocese has a new protocol for notifying district attorneys of clergy sexual abuse complaints. The change comes after a copy of a report could not be found at a DA's office.

A star of David as an element of architecture.
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Among the numerous worrisome aspects of Donald Trump’s ascendance to the presidency is the resurgence of anti-Semitism.

Peeling paint, leaking showers, mice and mold—these are just some of the problems that residents of a Hartford apartment complex say they have been dealing with for years. But now, people living at the Barbour Gardens apartment complex claimed a victory in their fight with management after the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced they would help residents relocate to safe housing. 

Federal regulators still appear poised to re-license Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant, despite requests to delay.

A Nuclear Regulatory Commission hearing on the issue Wednesday night was packed with industry workers and residents from New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.
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Smith College has announced new policies for campus police and staff. This follows an incident last summer when an employee called the police on a black student eating her lunch in a campus building.