Senator Richard Blumenthal has condemned Metro-North and many other railroads for failing to implement Positive Train Control safety technology. Only four of more than 40 railroads have installed the technology which can control train speeds and prevent collisions and derailments in the event of human error. 

National Grid Reaches Tentative Deal With Locked-Out Unions

Jan 3, 2019

National Grid announced late Wednesday night that it had reached a tentative agreement with unions, signaling an approaching end to a 30-week lockout.

The tentative agreement, reached after three days of intense negotiations, covers approximately 1,250 employees who work in gas operations across eastern Massachusetts.

The two unions will present the terms of the agreement to their members for ratification by Monday. National Grid will not share details of the agreement until members of both United Steelworkers Locals 12012-04 and 12003 have had an opportunity to vote.

There were 18 murders reported in 2018 in Springfield, Massachusetts, according to police data.
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Springfield, Massachusetts, saw a slight increase in murders this year compared to last year.

Worcester firefighters on the scene of a deadly fire, which broke out on December 9, 2018.
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Massachusetts lawmakers are pushing ahead on a bill that would give first responders better access to confidential counseling. This comes in the wake of the death of an on-duty firefighter in Worcester.


Students at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut have been sent home for the day after a bomb threat forced an evacuation on the sixth anniversary of the massacre that killed 20 first-graders and six educators.

Newtown police say the threat was made at about 9 a.m. Friday and the school was evacuated. Lt. Aaron Bahamonde says there's a heightened level of anxiety in town on the anniversary and the school superintendent decided to cancel remaining classes.