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Lisa Black manages the retail space at INSA in Easthampton, Massachusetts.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPR

Springfield's City Council on Monday night approved host community agreements for what would be the first non-medical marijuana shops in the city.

A coquillettidia perturbans mosquito, a species known to be capable of transmitting EEE to humans.
Sean McCann / Creative Commons /

For the first time ever in Hampshire and Hampden Counties, the state of Massachusetts is spraying to prevent the mosquito-borne illness known as EEE.

A sign at MGM Springfield's casino.
Don Treeger / The Republican /

Gambling revenue at MGM Springfield was up 2.7% in August from the previous month. That's according to figures released by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission Monday. But after completing its first year in business, the casino has fallen well below projections.

Jordan Winsor, junior at Northampton High School, and Willa Sippel, a senior, paint signs in preparation for the Global Climate Strike. They'll be marching in Boston on September 20, 2019.
Ben James / NEPR

Students and climate activists across western Massachusetts are preparing to join in a week of global protests at the end of September. They’re calling on governments to respond more urgently to the climate crisis.

In Feb. 2015, U.S. astronaut Terry Virts shows off his "space cheeseburger" while taking a lunch break during preparations for an upcoming spacewalk. The concoction was made up of beef paddies, cheese, tomato paste and Russian mustard on a tortilla wrap.
NASA Johnson / Creative Commons /

UMass researchers are helping NASA predict how fast its astronauts' food will lose nutritional value. This could be especially important on long space flights, including any future trips to Mars.