Pilot Jerrie Cobb tested to become the first woman in space. She died in March. Here she flies the Gimbal Rig in the Altitude Wind Tunnel in April 1960.

I first met Jerrie Cobb two decades ago at a space shuttle launch. Tall, lanky, unassuming, a person of few words — Jerrie was all but invisible to people intent on watching the countdown clock.

Up to 1 million of the estimated 8 million plant and animal species on Earth are at risk of extinction — many of them within decades — according to scientists and researchers who produced a sweeping U.N. report on how humanity's burgeoning growth is putting the world's biodiversity at perilous risk.

Nykesha Alston and her baby, London.
Karen Brown / NEPR

A new study from UMass Amherst suggests that many reality shows about teen parenting do more harm than good, especially when it comes to stigma. Yet many teen parents themselves still like to watch the programs.

A map shows the average BCBS Health Index for all millennials who were ages 21-36 in 2017.
Blue Cross Blue Shield

A new report outlines some surprising results about the health of Massachusetts millennials, or those born between 1981 and 1996. 

A white-tailed deer.
Scott Bauer / USDA

Vermont hunters who shot a deer last fall can now go online to find out how old the animal was if they submitted one of its teeth to the state.