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Ways to Connect

DNA testing material from 23andMe.
nosha / Creative Commons /

My adult daughter learned the identity of her father before I did, myself.

A birthday cake with candles.
Andy Eick / Creative Commons /

Tears flooded my pillow on the eve of my fifth birthday.

The 1919 Chicago White Sox, with all eight "Black Sox" players.
Imaged by Heritage Auctions / Public domain

This fall marks the 100th anniversary of the infamous Black Sox scandal, where eight players from the Chicago White Sox conspired with gamblers to deliberately lose the World Series.  

Challenging Bhutan's Boast About Itself

Sep 20, 2019
Bhutan, a small nation in South Asia, claims to have achieved universal happiness among its citizens.
Adam Singer / Creative Commons /

The truth is that in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Bhutanese regime, in its quest to become the happiest kingdom on the earth, adopted a "One Nation, One People" policy

For most people, 9/11 brings indelible memories. Commentator Martha Ackmann remembers moving into a new house, her mother's birthday, and a train she wanted desperately to hear.
Martha Ackmann / Courtesy of Martha Ackmann

September 11 was my late mother's birthday. When I called her that morning, I worried about whether to wish her a happy birthday or tell her about the towers.