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Massachusetts State Rep. Carlos Gonzalez.
Mark Murray / The Republican /

The Massachusetts state legislature has convened its 2019 session with a Springfield lawmaker now heading the body's Black and Latino Caucus. 

Super Bowl tickets are super expensive, as always, but the average resale price is about $1,000 less than at this time last year.

And the price of admission to the big game has been dropping steadily since Sunday, when the Patriots won the AFC Championship. Again.

For more than a decade, the impact of sea level rise and tidal flooding has been making waves on the real estate market of coastal New England, costing homeowners more than $400 million in lost value.

That’s according to a report from First Street Foundation, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that studies the impact of sea level rise and flooding.

Law enforcement responds to a gunman during an active shooter simulation at the Hampden County Sheriff's Department in Ludlow, Massachusetts.
Mark Murray / Hampden County Sheriff's Department

The sound of gunfire recently filled the halls of the Hampden County Sheriff's office in Ludlow, Massachusetts. It was part of a training for employees to learn how to respond to an active shooter. 

Less than a month after resigning, former Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg attended the Memoial Day parade in Florence, Massachusetts.
Sam Hudzik / NEPR

A new campaign finance report shows former Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg has actively used his political account since leaving the legislature last year.