Spring Music Series

Spring brings warmer weather, thoughts of being outside, and the lilting tones and bopping beats of New England Public Radio's Spring Music Series. During Morning Edition this spring, listen for interviews with New England musicians, or check them out right here.

The band Landowner, from Holyoke, Massachusetts, plays a basement in Northampton.
Ellery Berenger / NEPR

What do the musical acts The Pixies, Staind, and Taj Mahal have in common? They all had their start in western Massachusetts. 

Jae Matthews, at right, is singer and lyricist for Boy Harsher. At left is bandmate Gus Muller. The duo began singing and songwriting together in early 2013.
Ben James / NEPR

“Escape” is a word you hear a lot from Jae Matthews, singer and lyricist for the genre-defying duo Boy Harsher.

Duende Winds performs at Hampshire College at a Pioneer Valley Jazz Shares concert in December 2018.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPR

Nearly seven years ago, jazz concert producer Glenn Siegel found he was saying “no” more than he wanted to say “yes.” He said that’s because more great musicians wanted to perform in the Pioneer Valley than there were venues. So he hatched an idea.

Dance and music inspired by Puerto Rican culture.
Charlie Billups / Creative Commons / flickr.com/photos/titoytitabillups


Dan Román began composing as a young teenager growing up in Puerto Rico. He doesn't know why he started, exactly — just that simply playing instruments wasn't enough.

Composer Kate Soper plays Polyxo in a scene from her opera "Here Be Sirens" in New York City in 2014.
Noah Arjomand / Courtesy Kate Soper

Opera fans, and even non-fans, are familiar with the music of Bizet's "Carmen" or Puccini's "Madama Butterfly." Lesser-known is the world of new opera, like "Here Be Sirens," composed by a Smith College professor and on stage in Northampton, Massachusetts, this weekend.