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The WFCR Society

Each week more than 177,000 listeners count on New England Public Radio to bring information, entertainment, music, and perspective into their cars, office, and busy homes.

From its award-winning local, national, and international news coverage to the uncompromising quality of its classical, jazz, and world music programs, New England Public Radio and the NEPR News Network have become an integral part of hundreds of communities in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York state, over the past half century.

Sustaining this vital part of our daily lives is what the WFCR Society is all about. Providing for our children and grandchildren the same uncompromising perspective we have enjoyed for the past half century depends on each of us considering our legacy to public radio.

Sustaining the Mission


For over fifty-five years, WFCR and now the NEPR News Network, have provided quality programs that educate, inspire, and entertain. Our goal is to perpetuate this tradition of quality broadcasting for you, our listeners, and for future generations.

Annual contributions, grants, and underwriting are critical to the success of public broadcasting and provide a base of support for our programming.

The future success of the station, however, is predicated on our ability to build a sustainable source of funding that provides for today, tomorrow, and the future as well.

To step beyond our annual on-air drives and seed alternative, more permanent sources of funding, the legacy of our mission begins and ends with you…New England Public Radio donors.

Create your own legacy of giving by including New England Public Radio in your will, trust, or general estate plans.

Here are a few examples of how you might make a WFCR Society gift.

  • Bequests: Identifying New England Public Radio in your will is perhaps the simplest form of planned giving. Whether you choose a specific monetary amount, or a residual portion of your estate, including New England Public Radio in your will provides a legacy beyond your lifetime.
  • Gifts of Life Insurance: Some of our listeners no longer need life insurance purchased years ago to provide for children or other family members. If that’s your situation, consider donating the policy to New England Public Radio. You may be able to claim a charitable deduction for approximately the policy’s cash surrender value, and the proceeds are removed from your estate.
  • Appreciated Securities: Listeners who contribute appreciated securities held for more than one year (long-term) may receive a double income tax benefit: (1) a deduction for the asset’s full fair market value instead of the lower cost basis; and (2) complete avoidance of capital gains tax on the asset’s appreciation.
  • Gifts of Retirement Plans: Believe it or not, you may be taxed on your IRA, other retirement plans, and some other assets more than once when you leave them to your heirs. Income in respect of a decedent (IRD) is income you were entitled to but did not receive during your lifetime. IRD is subject to income, estate, and sometimes generation-skipping taxes too.The most common source of IRD-and the one most likely to comprise a large part of your estate-is an IRA or other retirement plan. You can avoid the taxes on IRD- and make a significant charitable gift to New England Public Radio at greatly reduced out-of-pocket costs.

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